Howden Edu-Care

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Howden Edu-Care is open to children from 3 months to 6 years of age, with loving Care Givers and teachers, and offers the following:



Boarding facilities

Owner supervised at all times

Spacious and secure environment

Age appropriate learning opportunities

Primary school preparation

We offer a Nutritious Menu:

Snack: Yogurt, custard and jelly, bran muffins, fruits/or fruit salad.

Breakfast: A variety of cooked porridges including Mielie Meal, Oat Meal and Maltabella.

Lunch: Sandwiches on brown bread, with an assortment of meats and vegetables including cheese, ham, tuna, eggs and salads.

Dinner*: An assortment of stews and soups including chicken/mince on rice, vegetable and butternut soup, spaghetti bolognaise served with fruit juice or water according to the individual's choice. *Boarders and Night Care.

We care for your kids


We offer a variety of activities and learning programmes which include the following topics: My Body, Summer, Senses, Farm Animals, Winter, Shapes, African Animals, Road Safety, Fruit, Cows & Dairy, Animal Homes, The Weather, Dinosaurs, Water, My Family, Pets, Autumn, Transport, Shapes, Vegetables, Spring, Light & Dark Colours, Primary Colours, Transport, My Feelings, The Circus, Solid Shapes, Reptiles.